Optimization tool for improving overall system performance

OptiWin is a pack of three utilities to help you get rid of unnecessary files and registries stored on your hard drive and defragment your RAM in order to optimize your system's performance.

The utilities included in this pack are Optimize Had Disk, Optimize Windows Registry and Optimize System RAM. The Optimize Had Disk allows you to safely remove junk files stored on your hard drive over time, including cookies, temporary files and indexes.

The Optimize Windows Registry tool will help reduce the size and clean up your Windows Registry by erasing all false entries. Finally, the Optimize System RAM tool is able to defragment and reset your RAM using custom settings.

The combination of OptiWin's three tools gives an overall improvement of your computer's performance. OptiWin is a software program that Windows OS users who wish to improve their computer's performance and speed should consider having.



OptiWin 2.1